Own Your Future Through Passive Real Estate Investing

Hi! I’m Angie Aki, the owner and founder of Ohana Investment Partners. One of the main reasons I founded Ohana Investment Partners was to bring people together; in addition to helping real estate investors like you create truly passive income through real estate. The goal is to bring people together so we can invest collectively as a community and do amazing things together. The other goal is to help you grow your wealth so that you can focus on more important things and the things that matter most in your life. We want you to own your future through passive real estate investing.

You CAN invest passively in real estate and still have time, usually even more time than you currently do, to do everything you want and love to do in your life. Take control of your investment journey. With Ohana Investment Partners, you’re investing in areas that you already know and may already be educated on; things like real estate. At Ohana Investment partners, we can make your real estate investing journey very, very, easy compared to traditional investing methods. This way, you can passively invest in real estate without doing all the work yourself, without the headache of common landlord issue like tenants, property damage, and maintenance. You can do this while simultaneously reaping the rewards of becoming a real estate investor; such as tax benefits, property appreciation, and passive cash flow.


Some Of The Things We’re Doing At Ohana

Some of the things we’re doing at Ohana Investment Partners to cultivate a community of like-minded investors is we’re hosting quarterly investor meet-ups and networking events. This is a fantastic opportunity to come out, get to know some of your other investors, and network with your fellow investors. Share stories, share opinions, and share tips about what’s working and what’s not working for you, and much more. The thought behind starting Ohana Investment Partners was to create a community. So, everything is communal. Let’s come together and rise to success as a family and as a community as a whole.

At Ohana Investment Partners, we believe investing in real estate syndications with cash flow and appreciation built into each deal is the ideal approach to simultaneously grow wealth and independence.