Women’s Resource Room – Networking Event

Join us for the Women’s Resource Room – Networking Event on Tuesday, April 11 · 9:30am EDT on Zoom. Networking and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of marketing your business. We will discuss marketing tips and tricks, what is working, what is not and how/who we are outsourcing to.

We have decided to open the doors of our community to ALL women in business (not just in the real estate industry). Our goal is to build a local community of women supporting women in life and in business. We welcome women running their own business, working in the corporate world or anywhere in between.

The purpose of our discussion is to share marketing tips and tricks. We will learn to identify what strategies are effective and those that are not, and discuss the individuals or companies we are outsourcing to for marketing services.

I can’t wait to see you at our event!

You can do this. Really.

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Ohana Investment Partners

At Ohana Investment Partners in Orlando, Florida, we focus on what we know. There are some great markets to invest in nationwide, but as a Native Floridian, Angie knows and loves the Southeast US and the Sun Belt for many reasons. We are currently looking for opportunities and investing in the Sun Belt States including:

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